Scientific education and research in The Netherlands at international top level

The J.M. Burgerscentrum (JMBC) is the national research school for fluid mechanics in The Netherlands. About 250 scientific staff (i.e. full, associate, and assistant professors) participate in it. At present also about 350 PhD-students and 40 postdocs participate in the JMBC. The participating groups are located at the universities in Delft, Eindhoven, Twente, Groningen, Wageningen, Utrecht, and Amsterdam. The various fluid-dynamics groups are based in different departments, and in different disciplines: in Civil Engineering; Mechanical Engineering, Maritime Technology, (Applied) Physics, Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Chemical Technology, Biology, and in Physical Oceanography. With the combined knowledge, skills and facilities of these research groups the JMBC offers a very stimulating, multidisciplinary environment for advanced research in fluid mechanics and for the education of the  graduate and postgraduate students. The research activities of the research school cover not only the development of theoretical models and mathematical methods and associated numerical tools, but also a wide spectrum of experimental investigations.