China faces major problems and challenges in the water sector. As a top university in hydraulic engineering and water resources in China, Hohai University has been actively involved in the research and development of some of the worldwide known hydraulic engineering projects in China and has developed significant strengths in the fields of hydrology and water resources, hydraulic and hydropower engineering, civil engineering, environment, port- and waterway engineering, transportation, and infrastructure.


The Water Centre is an important component of the international strategies of both parties as well as a representation of both parties’ intention to deepen the international cooperation between them. More specifically:

  • The Centre serves as a platform for joint research activities for which ample scope exists. The research will ideally be (part of) one or more of the many large, comprehensive projects in water resources engineering and management that are regularly commissioned by either the central- or provincial government(s).
  • The arguments in favour of the Centre are twofold viz. a) joint bidding will increase Hohai’s chances of acquiring projects of common interest and b) joint implementation of these projects will help to enhance mutual research capacities and thus strengthen the universities’ overall position.
  • The underlying notion is that a well-considered choice of such project-based research offers important impetus for linking up with existing short-and long term research plans of both Hohai University and TU Delft.  

Delft Research Initiatives

For TU Delft the Centre’s activities fit in well with the research agendas of the two concerned Delft Research Initiatives (DRI's) viz. Infrastructures and Mobility and Environment.

There are several opportunities for multidisciplinary student projects and PhD fellowships.

There are contacts with local, provincial and central water authorities (consultancy and research commissions).

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