Collaboration with South China University of Technology in Guangzhou focuses on the development of sustainable and smart urban systems and associated infrastructure, a subject that is currently high on the agenda in China. The emphasis in the joint research is on the development of smart and sustainable infrastructures (energy, transport, telecom, water, waste and their interaction within the urban system) and smart and sustainable urbanism and architecture (eco-cities, smart cities, green buildings, integrated resource management and urban metabolism).

The mission of the Centre is to conduct world-class research and education in the field of sustainable spatial planning and intelligent infrastructure and architecture. The Centre will seek application of its innovative concepts and gather relevant empirical evidence in the Pearl River Delta.

Within this Joint Research Centre there are several research themes:

  • Smart and sustainable infrastructures
  • Smart and sustainable architecture/urbanism
  • Recycling of concrete structures and sustainable construction materials
  • Governance and planning of metropolitan deltas and the implementation of eco-cities, low carbon cities, smart cities, knowledge cities and eco-industrial parks
  • Advanced computer-aided modelling & simulation
  • Efficient utilisation of resources

Training and education in joint design and research studios. These will offer a unique combination of the ‘normal’ architecture design studios with urbanism and more policy and management oriented subjects. 

Advice, consultancy and applied in-company research projects on social, economic, technological and ecological development in the region and post-graduate education, training and coaching of local government and business officials. 

South China University of Technology

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