Open Education

Open Education aims to increase the quality of education by stimulating the sharing and reuse of educational resources, supporting the integration of educational resources in campus education and by fostering collaboration between teachers.
By sharing open education resources openly with a global audience we aim to increase access to higher education and enable people without physical access to education to learn and develop in the field of engineering. 


  • Make teaching staff aware of the benefits of developing, sharing and reusing (open) educational resources.
  • Get teaching staff to commit to developing sharing and reusing open education resources and broadly sharing of Open Educational resources (both internally and externally)
  • Inspire teaching and scientific staff to develop, share and reuse open education resources

The Open Education team undertakes/will undertake various activities to reach the goal:

  • Support in the development of courses in the Open & Online Education portfolio, including Massive Open Online Courses.
  • Publication of educational resources via TU Delft OpenCourseWare and iTunes U
  • Support the development and embedment of open textbooks.
  • Supporting teaching staff in finding and reusing Open Educational Resources with Content Curation.
  • Support teaching staff by offering workshops around Open Education
  • Inform and train teaching staff and students about Open Education Resources (OER) information skills and related copyright and open licenses.
  • Stimulate teaching staff to collaborate with fellow teachers and to reuse educational resources developed by others.
  • Organise activities to increase awareness on the opportunities of and developments in Open Education.

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