May the Open Science Force Be With You

Open Science Symposium 12 January

What a great start of the year! Right at the beginning of 2018, TU Delft celebrated its 176th  birthday and combined the Dies Natalis event with an Open Science Symposium – thus seizing an opportunity to put openness firmly centre stage. This was also a way to pay homage to our former Rector Magnificus, Karel Luyben, who is seen as the godfather and a big supporter of Open Science at TU Delft.

TU Delft joined forces internally to make this energising day a strong pillar and starting point for those scientists who are interested in open science and its implications for our university and the world at large. Talking of this being an energising day, the event was characterised by Star War elements with a special information and interaction space where attendees could find out all about Open Science at TU Delft and charge up their ‘Open Science Force’ during the lunch intermission.

At the Symposium, Open Science was discussed from different points of views – with the participation of impressive speakers from academia, politics and various open-related organisations and initiatives. First off, Jean-Claude Burgelman, Head of the Open Data Policies and Science Cloud Unit at the European Commission, showed the EU’s perspective on open science. He believes that open science offers a great opportunity for science, scientists and society, and he gave examples to show proof of the considerable progress that has been made in the past 10 years. Next, Patricia Osseweijer took the floor and presented how open science embraces and impacts us in multiple ways in the present. Jon Tennant and Barend Mons debated what it means to ‘do’ open science and how to overcome obstacles.

They were followed on stage by a group of TU Delft scientists who gave presentations on how they had introduced open science in their research. These were very well received and gave the audience additional food for thought.
Watch the Open Science Symposium and/or the Dies Natalis.

What’s next?
To keep the Open Force going strong, mark your diary with the dates for the next appointment for openness: 5-9 March is Open Education Week. More information will follow soon: be sure you don’t miss it and – of course - spread the word! 

Open Science Symposium materials
In keeping with the spirit of Open Science, the materials and presentations from the very special Symposium day are available and shared with everyone. See below for content that may interest you – and don’t forget to share this with your colleagues!

Open Science Symposium: Presentations

Lunch intermission: Presentations and other materials: