MOOC Open Science: sharing your research with the world

To understand and apply the open science principles in your own research area we invite you to join us in the new edition of the MOOC ‘Open Science, sharing your research with the world’.

This MOOC covers an introduction to Open Science, Research Data Management, open access to publications, how to increase research(ers) visibility and impact and get to know the benefits of working within Virtual Research Environment.

Since research increasingly relies on software, for the first time we will also introduce a module on FAIR software practices and topics to consider when writing, managing, sharing and  re-using code.

 The MOOC was developed by TU Delft Library together with the TU Delft Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management and with ICT-Innovation. The course is open to anyone and is completely free, so please forward this e-mail to all people in your network who might be interested.

The course starts on May 6th  and takes 4 weeks (about 4 hours per week). The MOOC has 3 mandatory modules, and the 4th week you can choose between 1 out of 3 options to complete the course.

To learn more about the course or to register, please go to: