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About Library activities (listed below)

The Library is a suitable platform for all sorts of projects, we do not promote a particular opinion; we are a neutral space. We strive for connections between students, researchers, faculties, organizations in the city and artists.

Our goals:

  • connecting (critically / ethically) to social themes / problems / issues that TU Delft itself also strategically chooses;
  • collaboration with the city;
  • collaboration with students from within TU Delft (including Students 4 Sustainability, Green Office, study associations) and from outside (Zadkine, Rietveld);
  • a meeting of alpha, beta, gamma and arts;
  • organize inspiring activities;
  • initiate debate;
  • link a longer-term expo in our building to a festival in the city, TU Delft anniversary, student theme, etc.;
  • connect research from TU Delft with activities in Library (eg via expo);
  • flow and share information;
  • (substantively) build on earlier themes / research that have been discussed in the Library;
  • build and "maintain" long-term cooperation with external partners (Lumen, Deltares, Unesco, IHE, museums, other libraries, BLOCT, etc.);
  • international exposure.


Do you have suggestions or do want to work together with the Library? Mail your ideas to Library@tudelft.nl
Or read the three articles below about our policy:

1. Connection to TU Delft events

Opening of the academic year

Lustrum themes

Dies themes

Climate Change

May 4 commemoration (WWII)

Cultural Professor editions

Artist in Residence

Coming Out day

International Festival of Technology (IFOT)

Sizzling Summer of Space

International Office

Valorisatie centre

2. Collaboration with TU Delft faculties

3. Connection TU Delft Library and the city of Delft (Prinsenkwartier, Lumen, DOK, 38 CC et al.)

4. Co-creation projects (with students, PhDs, CvB, Honours Programme)

5. Collaboration with museums (MOTI, Nieuwe Instituut, Prinsenkwartier et al.)

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