It’s time to enrol in BingeWatch Academy: Superhero Science.

Episode I: Superman & Luke Cage
Could current scientific advancements be used to replicate the impenetrable skin of Superman and Luke Cage? If so, how could these advancements be of benefit to society?
In BingeWatch Academy: Superhero Science I, the possibility of creating impenetrable skin takes centre stage.

Episode II: Jessica Jones & X-Men
What’s the secret to genetic superpowers? Join host Barry Fitzgerald to find out!
In recent years, CRISPR/Cas, an advanced genetic editing technology, has been the subject of considerable scientific and media attention. But could such a technology actually create a “Jessica Jones” or replicate the powers of the X-Men? In BingeWatch Academy: Superhero Science Episode II, the marvels of CRISPR/Cas, and its current and future applications are explored. 

Episode III: Supergirl & The Flash
More info soon!

Episode IV: Daredevil
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Every event is held at the Auditorium Aula Congress Centre between 7.30 - 9.00 pm

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