Frequent questions and relevant case studies

Below you’ll find some of the most frequent questions that early career researchers, group leaders, and policymakers have asked along with the relevant case studies to help you get started.

How can my institution find collaboration partners?

Case study (SciVal)

What is the impact of adding a new researcher to my team?

Case study (SciVal)

What is the state of the art in my research area?
What is the position of my work in relation to the existing work?
How can I extract emerging trends in a research area?
How can I get a quick overview of what is happening in my field?
Which researchers are my potential collaborators?
What are the scientific origins of my research field?
What are the most frequently investigated topics by an arbitrary group of authors?
Who are the co-authors of a researcher whom I know?
What keywords are relevant to my research?
How can I mine datasets other than bibliometric data such as news, tweets or policy documents?
Which papers should I read to learn a specific topic?
Which journals are suitable for my research to be published in?
Who are the top authors in my research field?
What is the position of my group in relation to the competitors?
How can I get an overview of the expertise of a research group’s members?
Can I have an assistive tool for brainstorming sessions during research group meetings?
How can I get updated on the upcoming trends related to my group’s research area?
What are the dominant research areas that my group should be aware of?
How can I analyze the set of articles submitted to a conference or a journal?
How can I study a consortium assembly and explore the expertise of each member?
How strong is the collaboration between my group and some other research groups?
How can I recommend potential reviewers for a paper/proposal?
Is the structure of my organization aligned with the research landscape?
What projects can be optimally supervised by a selected group of researchers?
Which journals and conferences do the researchers of my group usually publish in?