Case 17: Web media content

This term map visualizes different terms that are mentioned in the title or description of a collection of videos available online, and are retrieved for the search queries TU Delft or Delft university of technology. The visualization provides an overview of the topics that these videos are about and the sources used. This case study is carried out by Michiel E. Munnik, MSc.


gives an overview of the topic of videos that are shared online on a specific topic or an institute


to discover what is shared online about an institute or topic. This allows the managers to get a better overview of the infrastructures needed to support, promote and index the online content


policy makers


1. use Google search engine to find the videos you’re interested in
2. use a web scraping plug in for your browser to manually convert the search results to csv format (e.g., you can use data scraper – easy web scraping)
3. generate corpus and score files from the csv file
4. use VOSviewer to generate a term map based on the corpus/score files
5. use the VOSviewer screenshot to export your map

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