Case 19: TU Delft Research Profile

This term map is generated based on the research articles of researchers at TU Delft. The terms mentioned in the map are extracted from title and abstract of articles. The clusters are automatically detected using the built-in modularity detection algorithm of the VOSviewer software. This visualization is published in Delta magazine (No. 7, 6 March 2017).


illustrates the research topics covered by TU Delft researchers


to give a better overview of different disciplines that TU Delft researchers work on and the relation between these disciplines


PhD candidates, researchers, group leaders and policy makers


1. collect the data of articles published by researchers
2. import the data into VOSviewer
3. generate the term map based on text data
4. use the VOSviewer screenshot to export your map

More information

Read the Delta article [in Dutch]

Read the Delft Outlook article [compact version, in English]


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