Case 20: TU Delft top Collaborators (1)

This collaboration network is generated based on the research articles of TU Delft researchers. Among many collaborators the institutes with highest number of collaborations are chosen, and the colors are used to indicate the citation impact of each collaboration link. This case study is carried out by Tomas van Dijk and is published in Delta magazine (No. 9, 24 April 2017).


demonstrates the top collaborators of TU Delft, and for each collaboration the citation impact can be calculated


to get familiar with the collaborators of TU Delft, the disciplines that each collaboration is built upon, and evaluation of these collaborations


PhD candidates, researchers, group leaders and policy makers


1. collect your data from an appropriate data source
2. import the data into VOSviewer
3. generate the co-authorship map based on bibliographic data in organization level
4. use the overlay visualization feature to color the terms based on the citation impact
5. use the VOSviewer screenshot to export your map

More information

Read the Delta article.


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