Colloquium: Andrei Hutan (Space Flight)

30 juni 2022 09:30 - Locatie: Online | Zet in mijn agenda

Interface Design for On-Orbit Assembly of Space Telescopes

Traditional spacecraft design has reached the limits of current launchers, especially space telescopes, where size is directly correlated with performance. A solution to this is on-orbit assembly, however some enabling technologies are insufficiently developed, such as design of standardized interfaces for modular designs (only three existing designs). This thesis proposes a mechanical interface design - including data and electrical transfer - meant to allow the assembly of a modular platform upon which a support layer and a mirror layer can be assembled. The design presents a unique mechanism allowing for assembly outside of the platform plane direction, allowing disassembly of a minimal amount of modules when servicing. Three different iterations of the design were considered, and simulations for both the assembly and assembled state have been performed. When comparing the performance with existing interfaces, the results of the preliminary simulations show a performance increase of at least 200% for each load case.

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