Colloquium: Anouk Scholtes (C&O)

31 januari 2018 09:00 - Locatie: Lecture room C, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Kluyverweg 1, Delft.

Structuring airspace into lateral zones for conflict prevention

In an effort to accommodate the increasing air traffic demand, research is conducted to increase future airspace capacity. In addition to the growing demand, new forms of air transport are entering the market. Although a distributed control strategy seems unavoidable to cope with the introduction of unmanned aerial vehicles, research on how this control should be organized has not yet reached consensus. In a largescale simulation experiment with a mix of different Personal Air Vehicles, the value of defining lateral zones in a departure/arrival area was investigated. By comparing the zones concept with an unstructured airspace concept, it was found that structuring the airspace can act as a conflict prevention mechanism.