Colloquium: Christoph Mertens (AWEP)

11 december 2018 09:30 - Locatie: Instructiezaal 8, The Fellowship, Kluyverweg 5, Delft.

Unsteady Boundary Layer Transition Measurements with Infrared Thermography

The boundary layer transition location is a crucial design parameter in aerodynamics. For unsteady aerodynamic problems, such as the aerodynamic optimization of helicopter rotor blades, the range of suitable boundary layer transition measurement techniques is traditionally limited to fast-response discrete sensor techniques, e.g. hot-film anemometry. In 2014, a new measurement scheme for unsteady boundary layer transition based on images acquired with an infrared camera was introduced in the field, differential infrared thermography. The experimental effort is largely reduced with the optical measurement technique compared to conventional approaches, but the agreement of the unsteady boundary layer transition measurements is not given with adequate accuracy. In this Master’s thesis, conducted at the DLR in Göttingen, the differential infrared thermography measurement scheme is further developed and an alternative scheme for measuring unsteady boundary layer transition based on infrared camera measurements is proposed.