Colloquium: Francis De Voogt (AWEP)

07 oktober 2019 13:00 - Locatie: FelS - Instructiezaal 7, The Fellowship, Kluyverweg 5, Delft

Stall Cell Characteristics: An experimental investigation of the airfoil influence

Stall is traditionally divided in three categories, all of which are considered two dimensional. However one of these categories, trailing edge stall, has been shown in literature to be three dimensional by forming stall cells over the span of a wing. Stall cells are localised patches of separated flow that are surrounded by attached flow. In this master thesis the effect of the airfoil thickness and camber on the stall cell formation criteria has been experimentally investigated. Two relevant Reynolds number regimes have been described based on the results. The effect of the airfoil shape has been determined in both Reynolds number regimes. Further investigation of the formation criteria indicated the importance of using aerodynamic parameters to capture the stall cell behaviour. Finally the size and unsteadiness of the stall cells has been investigated by tracking the characteristic vortical structures of stall cells.