Colloquium: Ingmar Hofman (C&O)

28 juni 2018 14:00 - Locatie: Lecture room B, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Kluyverweg 1, Delft.

The effect of a multi-echelon model on the inventory of a supply chain of aircraft rotables

KLM Engineering and Maintenance provides component availability for numerous airline customers around the world. To ensure on-time performance, inventory is an indelible part of operations. Inventory models allow supply chain engineers to determine the required size of the component pool.Over the course of the project, a multi-echelon inventory model is developed tailored to the operations of KLM. Many different inventory models have been developed in current literature. The colloquium will discuss the challenges in applying and adapting such a model to a supply chain of aircraft rotables, while simultaneously discussing the effect on the investment of the supply chain to ensure on-time performance.