Colloquium: Jeffrey Lee Alan Willems (C&O)

14 december 2018 14:00 - Locatie: Lecture Hall C, FACULTY OF AEROSPACE ENGINEERING, KLUYVERWEG 1, DELFT.

Improving Aircraft Maintenance Operations by Correlating Reliability and Health Usage Monitoring System Data

This thesis focuses on the improvement of aircraft maintenance operations, in order to increase the amount of available aircraft in a fleet. The improvement answers the question; ‘Which components to maintain when, and using which method? The improvement is done by correlating (statistical) Reliability Analysis with Health and Usage Monitoring System data, in order to determine statistical failure behavior and failure predicting using component condition.

Furthermore using the correlation of Maintenance Engineering data and Component Condition data, a relation is laid what influence maintenance actions have on component health. Using these relations, the improvement of aircraft maintenance can be extended.