Colloquium: J.G. Kamphof (C&O)

11 juli 2022 13:30 - Locatie: LECTURE HALL C, FACULTY OF AEROSPACE ENGINEERING, KLUYVERWEG 1, DELFT | Zet in mijn agenda

Design and Analysis of Tug-Enabled Engine-Off Taxiing Operation using Hierarchical Multi-Agent Planning

Growth in air traffic demand and the increasing importance of reducing emissions cause airports to consider the improvement of their ground surface movement operations in terms of efficiency and environmental impact. Over the past years, engine-off taxiing techniques have been considered to reduce the environmental impact of airport taxiing operations. One promising technique is Tug-Enabled Engine-Off Taxiing, a concept in which aircraft are towed to the runway by an external towing truck. However, implementation of this concept changes operations at the airport and creates challenges to coordinate and control vehicles efficiently and safely. Although operational changes are mostly expected in the bay areas and around decoupling locations close to the runways, especially bay areas are often excluded or simplified in existing research. In this work, we therefore aim to analyze Tug-Enabled Engine-Off Taxiing by using a detailed airport layout that includes bay area movements, such as push-back and engine start. A novel hierarchical multi-agent planning approach is used to route aircraft over the airport as an alternative to the current Air Traffic Control System. Vehicle movements are planned by a routing algorithm that accounts for shapes and kinematics.

Supervisor: Alexei Sharpanskykh

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