Colloquium: Jose Luis Redondo Gutierrez (Space Flight)

22 januari 2019 10:00 - Locatie: Lecture Room C, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Kluyverweg 1, Delft.

Attitude control of flexible spacecraft

The objective of this MSc Thesis is to contribute to unfolding the potential of large thin flexible structures in the space domain. This contribution focuses in the design of attitude controllers that address the flexibility of this kind of structures. Two main areas of research are explored, the modeling of flexible structures and the design of the controller. In relation to the modeling of flexible structures, an analytical approach was used, combining the Lagrange’s equation with a method known as the assumed modes method. With respect to the design of the controller, several strategies are considered, including a linear-quadratic regulator approach, minimization of H2 and Hinf norms and the analytic dynamics approach known as the Udwadia-Kalaba approach. The performance of the resulting controllers is evaluated over the flexible model of a particular spacecraft in a realistic simulation environment.