Colloquium: Matteo Serman (Space Flight)

18 januari 2019 09:30 - Locatie: Lecture Room C, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Kluyverweg 1, Delft.

On the origin of the moons of Jupiter

The origin of the Galilean moons have puzzled the scientists for centuries. The most recent theories affirm that they formed within a circumplanetary disk,  a disk of gas and dust very similar to the protoplanetary disk, from which the planets formed.

However, there are still many uncertainties on this CPD, such as its size, mass, the contribution of the young Jupiter, the young Sun  and many more. 

In this project, an innovative way of simulating this CPD has been undertaken. With the help of the software ProDiMo, thermo-chemical simulations of the disk have been carried out.

The results defined the properties of the disk, adding clarity to the formation process of the Galilean moons. This helps us to understand the origin of our solar system and to refine the research methods for possible habitable exomoons outside of the solar system.