Colloquium: Mònica Aragay Verdeny (A&S)

22 september 2017 08:45 - Locatie: Lecture room F, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Kluyverweg 1, Delft.

Characterization of Trajectories to Collect Samples from Europa's Plume

The search for life in other celestial bodies has always been a topic of great interest within the scientific community. This Master Thesis is meant to do its bit in this research field. Europa, a moon of Jupiter, is thought to have an ocean made of water underneath its icy surface which could be the perfect environment to find life. The discovery of water vapour plumes in Europa strengthened this hypothesis. The main objective of this Master Thesis is to design a mission of a pseudo-orbiter (a spacecraft orbiting Jupiter and doing flybys of Europa) which could collect particles from this plume during its flyby trajectory. First, a plume particle model has been developed in order to derive a density profile of the plume. After this, the flyby trajectory of the spacecraft has been designed.