Colloquium: Ralph Krook (C&O)

26 augustus 2022 10:00 - Locatie: Vergaderzaal 7 | Zet in mijn agenda

Incremental nonlinear control applied to tiltrotor aircraft

Incremental nonlinear control is a promising control method that can be applied in controlling tasks that involve systems with highly nonlinear dynamics. Incremental nonlinear control is a feedback linearization method that requires less model knowledge than conventional Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion and is robust against model mismatches. This paper presents an incremental based control method to control a longitudinal model of the XV-15 tiltrotor aircraft. First, an attitude controller is designed that solves the over-actuated system of longitudinal cyclic and elevator pitch control by using a weighted least squares control allocation method. Second, an incremental based velocity controller is designed which integrates the use of the nacelles to transition from helicopter to fixed wing flight and convert back. The attitude controller has been tested against attitude and speed tracking tasks to evaluate their performance. Results are promising.

Supervisor: M. D. Pavel

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