Colloquium: Robert Koster (C&O)

24 januari 2020 14:00 - Locatie: Lecture Hall C, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Kluyverweg 1, Delft

Using NOMOS measurements to assess improvements of ECAC Doc. 29 aircraft noise calculations

The current study examined the effect of ECAC Doc. 29 model improvements on the differences between measured and calculated aircraft noise levels. The two improvements addressed in this research are: (1) The use of actual instead of standard meteorological conditions and (2) the use of derived flight performance instead of standard flight performance profiles. Using 151,108 flights and 385,001 NOMOS measurements, it was found that noise level differences depend on type of operation, aircraft type, and position of the microphone. The use of actual meteorological conditions showed a reduction in variability due to temperature, relative humidity, and pressure. The use of derived flight performance showed a reduction in variability due to wind. For both improvements the noise level differences did not decrease. Additionally, the aircraft substitution corrections were assessed. The substitution corrections based on ICAO type code showed smaller noise level differences compared to the corrections based on aircraft configuration.