Colloquium: Siddarth Tegginamani Shiva Kumar (C&O)

31 januari 2018 13:45 - Locatie: Lecture room B, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Kluyverweg 1, Delft.

Coordination in Multi-Actor Self-Separation in Complex Airspace Environments

The Air Traffic Management Research Community expects that the responsibility of maintaining the safe separation distance between aircraft will move from the ground based Air Traffic Control, a centralized system, towards the flight deck, a decentralized system. Previous research on the decentralized, also known as distributed Air Traffic Management systems have shown promising results. However, the aspects of coordination when more than two aircraft controlled by human operators are still not explored. Hence, an experimental research was proposed with an objective to study the coordination behavior of multiple actors using an ecological interface, known as the Solution Space Diagram (SSD), for the Conflict Detection & Resolution (CD&R) tasks. To judge the performance of the humans, an automated conflict resolution algorithm, known as the Modified Voltage Potential (MVP), was used as the baseline. Several multi-aircraft scenarios were designed and simulated in the human-in-the-loop experiment. The results lead to the conclusion that humans using the SSD display for the CD&R tasks operated safely for the designed scenarios. Compared to the resolutions of the MVP algorithm for the same scenarios, the humans depicted a safer and less efficient approach than the automated algorithm.