Hiring Interns

Internship Office
The Internship Office at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering is the main point of contact for companies/institutes interested in hiring an intern.

How to get in contact with your future intern
The Internship Office can inform you about the different selection options you can take. You can choose to have students contact you directly about internship opportunities or you can choose to have the Internship Office do the first  selection. It is the goal of the Internship Office to provide a customized solution for your company/institute's needs. As a service, we can also publish the internship opportunity on our student intranet site. Obviously we also mention the different internship possibilities to students that contact us in search of an internship position. Please first check out the internship requirements below and then let us know how we can help you choose a suitable candidate for your organisation!

Internship Requirements

  1. Internships in the Netherlands exceeding a duration of 4 months always need to be arranged in consultation with the Internship Coordinator. Internships abroad have a maximum duration of 6 months.
  2. The internship should have a clear deliverable of a sufficient academic master level.
  3. The internship is full-time in consecutive weeks at the company’s office.
  4. The student has to receive a supervisor from the company. The student will not receive a supervisor from Delft University of Technology.
  5. The supervisor and student have at least 2 official evaluation moments, one midterm and one final.
  6. The results of the evaluations are shared with the Internship Office.
  7. The intern has to hand in a technical internship report to the Internship Office of Delft University of Technology in order to receive a grade. This report is treated confidentially, a non-disclosure agreement is available for this.
  8. The student has to receive a contract to formalize the internship. If none is available from the company, the version of Delft University of Technology can be used.

Process Outline
The academic calendar for students contains the internship in Quarter 4, which runs from May to August. A majority of students looks for a position in that quarter. If you would like to have an intern in that time frame, you should contact the Internship Office around October. Please keep in mind that as soon as a student is selected, he/she needs another 2 weeks to get confirmation within the Faculty before he/she can start.

Contact Form
To register an assignment, please fill out the 'Assignment registration form for intern AE TUD' and send the filled out form as PDF to Internship-AE@tudelft.nl.