About the Center

Light weight structures are vital for many engineering applications in aviation, space, wind energy and automotive industries. Novel metamaterial design, smart manufacturing and quality control, real-time prognostics and health management, advanced repair and recycling are currently in the epicenter of research, development and knowledge utilization and their advancement will intensify our effort to grow a circular economy. Key technologies related to Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization open new horizons and their utilization can accelerate the process towards a sustainable use of materials and structures. The integration of these key technologies with the structural engineering activities is of paramount importance and a synergy of experts with different scientific and technical background is essential.

The Center of Excellence in AI for Structures aims to bring together academics, researchers, industrial professionals, policy makers and students with the objective to create a multi-disciplinary community, advance the research integration and implementation, share knowledge and facilities, contribute to the trustworthiness of new technologies from industry and bring research and knowledge closer to society. 

The Center has a broad research portfolio, it emphasizes on knowledge transfer by organizing summer schools and trainings, supports the young generation by offering scholarships and mentorships, it shares facilities and provides open access to data and tools.

Joining and working with us

We welcome everyone who wants to contribute on the vision of the Center of Excellence in AI for Structures to build a multi-disciplinary community, promote and participate in our activities and bring closer the emerging technologies of AI and digitalization to our society. 

Dimitrios Zarouchas is currently an Assistant Professor at the Aerospace Engineering Faculty. Since 2016, he leads the PYTHIA team part of the Structural Integrity & Composites group of the Aerospace Structures & Materials Department. In 2021, he established the Center of Excellence in AI for Structures.