Chair - Dr. ir. René Alderliesten

Associate professor

Dr. Alderliesten started working on FMLs as a fatigue & damage tolerance specialist at the Fibre Metal Laminates Centre of Competence in Delft. In 2005 this resulted in the award of a PhD degree from TU Delft, where he was subsequently appointed as assistant professor.  Dr Alderliesten has been involved in many FML activities with both OEMs and lower tier suppliers, as well as developing and teaching professional education courses on fatigue and damage tolerance, manufacturing, and design of FMLs. He also continues to lead academic research programmes into the fatigue behaviour of FMLs.


Fibre Metal Laminates – A Hybrid World of Opportunities

The Fibre Metal Laminate technology has successfully demonstrated its outstanding performance in operation of the primary structure of the largest commercial airframe. This provides a clear benchmark for future programmes, because as original patents have expired, the technology has become available to a wider community. More aerospace industries  therefore research hybrid concepts and develop their design and stress capabilities on the FML technology, as demonstrated at this FML Outlook.

This presentation illustrates how the current state of knowledge on FML technology justifies application on future platforms, because scientific research on strength, fatigue, durability and damage tolerance has evolved in theories based on first principles.