Dr. Blanka Lenczowski

Senior Expert Materials Technology

Dr Lenczowski studied metallurgy at the Montan-University in Ostrava, Czech Republic  and obtained a PhD at the Faculty of Materials Technology of Siegen University in Germany. She then joined the R&D metals department at DASA. As researcher and later as manager of material technology responsible for development of new aluminium alloys she continued her work at Daimler Benz, Daimler Chrysler,  and EADS (today Airbus ) in the R&D department.  

Since 2006 Dr Lenczowski has been responsible for research and technology development in “Metallic Materials” and interdisciplinary areas as Senior Expert Material Technology. She supports international business development & partnership strategy with Eastern Europe and is today EU-member of Advisory Group for Horizon 2020 for “Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies, Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing”.


Aluminium Foils for Fiber Metal Laminates

A main objective of this presentation is to give a short overview concerning new material technology approaches in order to develop the automated manufacturing of Fiber Metal Laminates.

Autors: Blanka Lenczowski, Dietrich Jonke, Heiko Fietzek , Jens Hackius, Thomas Beumler / Airbus
Malte Burchardt, Christoph Regula, Ralph Wilken, Stefan Dieckhoff / FhG Bremen
József-Sebastian Pap , Annett Klotzbach, Jens Standfuß  / FhG Dresden