Guidelines when taking a MOOC/Online course

  • Consult with your supervisor first before enrolling into a MOOC/Online course that you want to use as part of your DE programme.
  • Courses should be on an intermediate or advanced level, preferably tailored for PhD candidates who already have a MSc.
  • Follow courses from reliable platforms with an organized way of quality assurance, like EdX and Coursera (Udemy courses are not allowed).
  • Contact your department to see whether they can pay for the possible costs involved (course registration, certificates).
  • As of September 2022 all TU Delft PhD candidates can get full access to MOOCs offered by TU Delft for free, with a full access voucher. More information on how to obtain such a voucher can be found here.
  • To determine the amount of credits: please follow the guidelines in the document Requirements, Conditions & Costs: “If you follow an online course, you can calculate the number of GS credits by dividing the study load, stated on the organizer’s website, in hours by 12 (e.g., A study load of 24 hours would be equal to 2 GS credits)”
  • There is a maximum of 5 credits for any given course.
  • Pursue a certificate.