Do I have to choose from the GS courses for my DE programme?

No, you are not limited to the courses offered by the GS. You are free to follow courses for your DE programme elsewhere (e.g. another university, research schools etc.) as long as your supervisors agree. Please note that if you choose to follow transferable skills courses elsewhere, this needs to be financed by your department/funding body.

I have taken a course at my research school or elsewhere, how many GSC can I register?

1 GSC is one full day, so in case you did a course that was 3 days you obtain 3 GSC. The maximum number of credits you can obtain is 5 GSC per course. Some research schools classify their courses according to ECs. If so, please refer to the question: ‘can I translate EC to GS credits?’ 

Can I obtain credits for activities such as organizing events, or similar activities?

No, activities such as organizing an event, or being a chairman are not recognized as Doctoral Education. Therefore, these activities cannot be used for learning on-the-job activities. Please refer to our website for an overview of LOJ activities.

I am not a member of the GS. Can I still follow DE courses?

Yes, transferable skills courses offered by the GS are free for all PhD candidates at TU Delft. If you would like to follow a GS course in the research category, your participation needs to be financed by your department. Please see the enrolment conditions for more information.

I need to cancel my enrolment in a GS DE course. What should I do?

If you are unable to attend the course (or session) you enrolled for, please e-mail the GS (graduateschool@tudelft.nl) a.s.a.p. If you cancel within 10 working days before the start of the course, your department will be required to pay 50% of the cost price per course day (160 Euros per course day). If you cancel your enrolment within 5 working days before the start of the course, your department will be required to pay 100% of the cost price per course day (160 Euros per course day).

Is there a limit on how many courses I can take within the transferable skills category?

No, there is no limit, but it is important that you agree with your supervisor which courses you will do. 15 GSC is the minimum number of credits you should obtain per category.

Is there a maximum of GSC per course?

To ensure that there is enough variety in your Doctoral Education plan you can obtain a maximum of 5 GSC per course.

Can I translate EC to GS credits?

Yes, for MSc courses you can translate EC to GS credits according to the following principle: 1 EC = 1 GS credit. ECs can only be registered if you have passed the exam.

However, if you followed a doctoral course at a research school or other organisation, your credits are determined by the duration of the course. One course day equals one GSC. Example: your course lasted 5 full days and the certificate states that you obtained 2 ECs. You may register 5 GSC in DMA.