PhD-Council AE

The main goal of this PhD Board is to act as a sounding board for all the PhD candidates in our Faculty. In cooperation with the Faculty Graduate School they will organise different social and scientific events, help improving communication and implementing developments within the Faculty Graduate School. 

These are the members of the PhD Board of Aerospace Engineering representing their own section: 

  • Dora Klindžić, section AS
  • Reynard de Vries, section FPP
  • Bram Jongbloed (chair), section SI&C
  • Colin Van Dercreek, section ATO
  • Sven Pfeiffer, section C&S (not in photo)
  • Marta Gavioli, section ASCM
  • Luis Laguarda Sanchez, section Aero
  • Agnes Broer-Reinoso Rondinel, section SI&C (not in photo)

The members of the PhD Board can be contacted via