PhD Programme

Join our programme, based on a mix of your research and Doctoral Education; broadening your skills from firmly discipline-related to transferable (personal) skills. We expect you to complete this programme within four years.

Doctoral education

Within the Doctoral Education, you are required to obtain 45 Graduate School Credits. Your study load is 15 GS credits a year, considering your final year will be spent on completing your thesis. Aerospace Engineering and the University Graduate School offer you the possibility to obtain these credits through specific courses and through research-related on-the-job activities. The introduction course and the career-orientation course are mandatory. You can choose the other courses at your discretion, in consultation with your supervisors.   

Reading guide PhD Development Cycle Faculty AE

In order to guarantee the quality of the PhD process and to increase the PhD pass rate, TU Delft has implemented certain measures, including a tailor-made PhD Development Cycle (4 years). This evaluation cycle is better suited to the nature of the PhD process than the R&D cycle and is mandatory for all PhD candidates at TU Delft. The proposed cycle commences on the first day of the PhD period and consists of 6 sections. Find the Reading guide PhD Development Cycle Faculty AE in PDF here.

Supervision team

Your supervision team will consist of a TU Delft professor and a daily supervisor (Code of good practice). The professor is your main supervisor and promotor. Guide for PhD's and supervisors (PDF).


Every doctoral candidate is appointed a mentor, who is not involved in the research and belongs to a different department to be fully independent of supervisor and promotor. Your mentor will advise and support you on all issues related to the organization and planning of your research and doctoral education, and, if necessary, refer you to relevant persons in the organization. Mentors also function as a confidential sounding board and help to anticipate possible bottlenecks. In the unfortunate case that you experience doubts or problems regarding the progress of your PhD, you can also ask your mentor to inquire into the interpersonal relation with the promotor and daily supervisor and act as mediator, but they will not take any action without your permission.