FPP section embeds flight performance and propulsion expertise. We focus on advanced / innovative aircraft configurations and novel propulsion concepts. Hence, aircraft engine integration is also an important topic. These research areas are highly relevant if we want to contribute to the ambitious targets for the environmental impact of aviation, proposed by the Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE). Our mission is to advance the design of innovative aircraft configurations and propulsion concepts, by exploration of:

  • New technologies to obtain novel or improved low emissions solutions
  • Theoretical advances in flight physics to improve the prediction and simulation of air-vehicle performance
  • New methods and tools to improve the quality and effectiveness of the design process

The section is structured in two different groups, Flight Performance (FP) headed by Prof. ir. L. Veldhuis and Propulsion & Power (PP) headed by Prof. ir. P. Colonna. The two groups tightly collaborate to address common challenges with the aim to devise forefront solutions for the aircraft industry.

The heart of the section consists of 2 dedicated lecturers, 4 enthusiastic young assistant professors, 1 associate professor, 2 full time professor and 1 part time professor.  Each staff member has a different expertise, varying from air-breathing propulsion systems, flight mechanics, aircraft design and integration, advanced power systems, and turbomachinery. Our knowledge and competences embrace a broad spectrum of fundamental and applied disciplines in the aerospace sector.