Aircraft and Propeller Noise

The main educational and research interest is on the noise generation by aircraft engines in isolated and installed conditions and the noise generated by VTOL systems (rotorcrafts and drones). Examples of applications include the prediction of noise generated by aircraft and drone propellers, fundamental studies of rotor/stator interaction noise from an aero-engine fan stage, development of acoustic treatments like turbofan liners, investigation of the effects due to the interaction between a wing and the jet plume from the engine, unsteady aerodynamics and noise of helicopter and multi-copters. A massive usage of state-of-the-art high-fidelity Lattice-Boltzmann (LB) flow simulations is made to predict turbulent unsteady flows and noise at both component and system level.

Related Master Projects:

  • Mitigation of installation effects in propeller aircraft
  • Urban air mobility and drone aeroacoustics
  • Aero-engine noise reduction (fan noise, jet/wing interaction noise, acoustic liners)
  • Digital aircraft noise certification and flight-test uncertainties

LB simulation of novel aircraft architectures

LB simulation of a wavy Outlet Guide Vanes leading edge for fan noise reduction.

LB simulation of a propeller wake impinging on a pylon 

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Dr. Q. (Qingqing) Ye, MSc

G. (Gianluca) Romani, MSc

C. (Christopher) Teruna, MSc

ir. P. (Pranav) Manjunath