Wind Turbine

Wind turbines have to comply with local noise regulations, which often limit the wind farm operating hours and the amount of energy that can be extracted from the atmosphere. Therefore, the aerodynamic noise generated by wind-turbine blades is one of the major research interests of the aeroacoustic research team. Combined usage of experimental techniques and high-fidelity numerical flow simulations is made to better understand trailing-edge noise generation mechanisms and develop ad-hoc noise reduction devices. Researches are conducted in collaboration and synergy with industry.

Related Master Projects:

  • Trailing-edge noise reduction in wind turbines
  • Ducted wind turbines for on-shore application

Instantaneous flow around the beveled trailing edge

Wind-turbine aerodynamic simulation (Courtesy by Exa AIAA 2012-2290)

Wind-turbine aeroacoustic simulation (Courtesy by Exa AIAA 2012-2290

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A. (Alejandro) Rubio Carpio, MSc

J. (Javed) Mohd, MSc