06 juli 2021

Drie Aerospace studenten naar Junior EK Zweefvliegen

Drie Aerospace studenten naar Junior EK Zweefvliegen

Van 11 tot en met 23 juli vindt het junior EK zweefvliegen plaats in Litouwen. Het nederlandse team bestaat uit vijf deelnemers, waarvan er drie aan de Faculteit Luchtvaart- en Ruimtevaarttechniek studeren.

29 juni 2021

Pubquiz winner in Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies

26 april 2021

Dr. Bariș Çağlar joins as Assistant Professor

We are pleased to welcome Bariș Çağlar who has joined TU Delft at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering as Assistant Professor.

20 april 2021

Perspectiefsubsidie voor smeltlassen van thermoplastische composieten

Perspectiefsubsidie voor smeltlassen van thermoplastische composieten

De NWO heeft vanuit het Perspectiefprogramma ruim 6 miljoen euro toegekend voor ENLIGHTEN - Enabling Integrated Lightweight Structures.

22 december 2020

Dr. Kunal Masania awarded grant for hierarchical 3D-printing of bacterial electrodes

Ludovic Jourdin of Biotechnology (TNW) and Kunal Masania of the Shaping Matter Lab (LR) team up for novel carbon electrodes for microbial electrosynthesis.

01 december 2020

MUMAC Summer School for young researchers (postponed to 2022)

The summer school addresses the interdisciplinary of multiscale manufacturing of composites. It will be held from 20-24 June 2022 at Delft University of Technology.

12 november 2020

What are the blades of old wind turbines worth?

Julie Teuwen discusses recycling challenges of wind turbine blades in a recent article in NRC Handelsblad - only in Dutch.

11 juni 2020

ECCM19 Online short-course for PhDs

The full-day online course aiming at PhDs is taught by highly regarded experts from academia and industry.

06 februari 2020

Dr. Kunal Masania joins as Associate Professor

With his innovations on architectured composite materials, he strengthens our efforts in aerospace manufacturing technologies.

07 augustus 2019

Latest research at the 22nd International Conference on Composite Materials

The aerospace manufacturing technologies group and its partners present latest research on materials, processing and manufacturing processes.