A. Bhagali Nataraja (Anup)


My name is Anup and I come from Bangalore, India. I have always been fascinated with scientific exploration particularly in the field of astronomy and space exploration. This fascination soon translated to my love for aerospace engineering which has lead me come to Delft to make this passion a living reality.

Master Thesis Project

Traditionally methods of curing monomers in composites manufacturing is energy intensive, expensive and environmentally unfriendly. I would be working on a new curing methodology known as Frontal Polymerization which would directly reduce the curing times. This new curing technique would be paired with an already existing methods such as RTM. I would be manufacturing samples and this would help us investigate the effectiveness of this technique.

Supervised by: Dr. Baris Caglar

Used labs:

  • Main hall
  • Physics lab (HAL 0.05) – for polymer characterization and microscopy
  • Chemistry lab (HAL 0.27) – mainly for polymer mixing
  • 3D printer room (next to the welding lab) – to perform the UV experiments as there is a fume hood equipped with UV-shield
  • HAL 0.29 – for sample preparation, polishing

Master Student

A. Bhagali Nataraja

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