C.M. Iványi (Charlotte)


I am born in Amsterdam but grew up in Brno, Czech Republic. I came back to the Netherlands to study aerospace engineering at the TU Delft. After my bachelor I joined a dream team, where I enjoyed the production phase and working with composite materials a lot. Therefore, I chose Aerospace Structures and Materials as a master track. I find the link between material science and manufacturing techniques particularly interesting, which makes Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies the perfect group for my thesis.

Next to my studies I work at the Dutch Ministry of Defence for Defensity College. I spend most of my free time doing sports (I am currently training for a triathlon) and I like to read and cook.

Master Thesis Project

During my thesis I will study the melting kinetics of thermoplastic composite tapes during Laser Assisted Fiber Placement (LAFP).

Supervised by: Julie Teuwen and Alejandro Jiménez del Toro

Used labs: Physics and Laser Lab

Master Student

C.M. Iványi

  • C.M.Ivanyi@student.tudelft.nl
  • Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

    Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies

    Kluyverweg 1

    2629 HS Delft, The Netherlands

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