T. Bussink (Tom)


Born and raised in Amsterdam, I have always been interested in different cultural backgrounds.

It was the international and technical challenging character that made me choose to pursue the Aerospace Engineering bachelor’s degree in Delft.

I found the greatest joy during a full-time year at the Eco-Runner Team Delft where I designed the chassis of the prototype hydrogen vehicle. This led me into the composites world and choose the Aerospace Structures and Materials master.

Master Thesis Project

Effect of Rapid Laser Deconsolidation in Laser-assisted Fiber Placement (LAFP) of thermoplastic carbon fiber  reinforced composites. I divided the phases of LAFP into two individual experiments: 1) Rapid Laser Deconsolidation with a VCSEL laser and 2) an intimate contact development experiment. This allows me to analyze the effect of different degrees of deconsolidation on the developed degree of intimate contact.

Supervised by: Julie J.E. Teuwen and Ozan Çelik

Used labs: VCSEL laser in the Laser Room

Master Student

T. Bussink

  • T.Bussink@student.tudelft.nl
  • Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

    Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies

    Kluyverweg 1

    2629 HS Delft, The Netherlands

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