T.B.G. van Maarschalkerweerd (Timo)


I am Timo. I grew up in the Netherlands. I did my bachelor’s in aerospace engineering. During my bachelor’s I worked part time on the Stratos IV project and helped the launch attempt in the fall of 2021. During my time at Stratos I worked with composite structures. This convinced me to follow the aerospace structures and materials master track.

Master Thesis Project

I am trying to find the best foil for the Olympic NACRA 17 sailing team and how we can improve these foils. These foils are introduced in 2019 and allow the NACRA 17 to fly the hulls above the water. These foils are still novel in the world of sailing and more understanding is needed to optimize the sailing.

Master Student

T.B.G. van Maarschalkerweerd

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