Chemical laboratory

In the chemical laboratory we can synthesize and process our newly designed organic compounds, mostly polymers. In the lab 17 fumehoods are placed, where reactions involving dangerous chemicals can be carried out safely. Experiments can be conducted under inert atmospheres and up to temperatures as high as 350 °C. The volumes range from small, typically a milligram scale, up to volumes as large as 300 grams. As a support to the experiments permanent setups for hydrogenation and water content measurement are present. A series of 4 vacuum ovens capable of heating under vacuum to 400 °C are present to post react our reactive polymer systems. Synthesized products can be analyzed on a variety of techniques such as a NMR, GC-MS, GPC or viscosimetry.In the chemical lab also processing of polymers is done resulting in fibers, films or frrestanding objects. This is done with techniques like extrusion in a mini-extruder, film casting, inkjetprinting, fiber spinning or 3D printing of polymers.