G. Kus (Gawel)


I was born and raised in Wroclaw, Poland. I came to TU Delft in 2014 to pursue a bachelor's degree in Aerospace engineering. After graduating, in 2017, I decided to stay at TU Delft to continue with a master's degree, specializing in aerospace materials, which led me to joining NovAM. I got very interested in quantum computing, and how it could be applied to improve the development of materials. In summer 2018 I joined IBM for an internship in quantum computing (in particular, implementing HHL algorithm).  With this, I got sufficient experience to further explore the applications of quantum computing for materials engineering in my master thesis. I implemented Quantum Gaussian Processes Regression algorithm and showed how it could potentially speed up the data-driven design on an example problem of designing a super-compressible metamaterial. I graduated in 2019, and right now I continue research on quantum computing and materials in my PhD project.

Current Project

In my current project, I’m researching quantum machine learning and quantum optimization algorithms, which could be applied in the development of materials e.g in tasks such as topology optimization (metamaterials) or data-driven design. I’m also interested in the development of new classical approaches combining machine learning and optimization (gradient-free optimization, neural reparametrization) with a potential for converting to quantum computing algorithms.

PhD Researcher

G. Kus MSc.