P.J. Denissen (Paul)


I was born and raised in Middelburg and moved to Delft in 2007. Here I started studying aeronautical engineering at of the University op Applied Sciences INHOLLAND. During my bachelor I did an internship at the northwestern polytechnic university in Xian (China). I also worked for one year as a project leader in the dreamteam project where a multidisciplinary group of students tried to build the world fastest human powered bike (http://www.hptdelft.nl). We succeeded in doing so in 2013 with a speed of 133,78 km/u. For my bachelor graduation project I’ve been working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland. Here I took part in the Pixel detector design team of the ATLAS experiment where I worked on a new support structure during the Long Shutdown (LS1).

In 2013 I started the master’s program in Material Science and Engineering at Delft University of Technology and I’m currently working on my graduation thesis in the Novel Aerospace Materials group at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering.

Current Project

I’m working on the development of new carrier systems for corrosion inhibitors in order to enhance their kinetic properties, when applied as anti-corrosion coatings on metals. My work is under the supervision of Dr. S.J. Garcia Espallargas.

PhD Researcher

P.J. Denissen MSc.