Metals by Design

While in the public press the focus of aerospace materials seems to have shifted to composite materials, high performance metals remain of crucial importance to the aircraft structure.

This applies in particular to the heavy mechanically loaded structure such as the landing gear and the thermally loaded structures in the turbine engine. The current metals & ceramics research in NovAM is focussed on four topics: the computational design of new high performance steels and super alloys, self healing in high temperature steels,synthesis and healing of MAX phase ceramics and last-but-not least the kinetics of phase transformations in steels and titanium.  Most of our work is more metals science than metals engineering in nature. We have a state of the art deformation dilatometer for sophisticated phase transformation studies and co-own a unique Spark Plasma Sintering installation located at the faculty 3ME. Some of our works experimenting at Reactor Institute Delft or synchrotrons abroad. (We currently hold the world record for 3D nanotomography experimenting in metals using a pixel size of only 25 nm).

Chaired by

Prof. Sybrand van der Zwaag