The mandate of the Structural Integrity & Composites group is to pursue research which will enable the aerospace products of tomorrow to meet rising performance demands by exploiting the potential synergy of Material Science, Structural Design, and Production Technologies. This goal requires the integration of various engineering disciplines and mixture of both fundamental scientific and practical engineering approaches to research.

What does this mean? It means that our group recognizes that the future performance demands of aerospace products, dictated primarily by weight, cost, structural performance, and safety, cannot be met through advances in material science, manufacturing technology, or structural design alone.

In order to build the most advance and technically capable aircraft of the future, the aerospace engineer of tomorrow must be able to exploit the potential synergy between each of these areas. It is our mandate to facilitate this through our research efforts.

With the aim of exploiting the potential synergy of material and structure for future lightweight aerospace products, the research efforts of the Structural Integrity & Composites group have been divided into three core areas: Manufacturing, Fatigue & Durability, and Non-Destructive Inspection. 

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