Current graduation projects

Supervised by: H.A.P. Blom
Prof.dr. R. Curran
dr. ir. S. Hartjes

Joris Stolwijk
Project Title: Hybrid Optimal Control

Marta Camarero Sanchez
Project Title: Multiple route optimization based on distance to local community

Koen Barten
Project Title: Contrail-Mitigated Flight Planning

Arjun Puttabakula
Project Title: Flight sequensing for continuous Descent Arrival

Liset Geijselaers
Project Title: Design of robust terminal procedures

Daan Kater
Project Title:

Dr. M. Mitici

Krispijn ter Riet
Project Title: Probabilistic arrival planning making use of dynamic arrival time windows

Ir. P.C. Roling

Gergely Foldes
Project Title: Tactical Gate and stand planning software at Beontra

Nintant Shinde
Project Title: Value analysis of integral bird control at an airport

Bas van der Meijden
Project Title: Aircraft type dependent departure track and procedure allocation

Nienke Tange
Project Title: Accuracy and safety of pushback movements

Justin The
Project: Criteria and Optimization of Inbound Sequencing Based on Airline Priorities from an Airline Perspective

Marco Groot
Project Title: Bagdrop B.F. Santos

Kiki Faber
Project Title: Modelling the effects of the European Union Emission Trading Scheme on Airline Fleet Planning

Niek Hoeben
Project Title: Dynamic Crew Pairing Recovery Problem

Telmo Eleuterio Marques
Project Title: Dynamic Airline booking Forecast - Revenue Management Demand Analysis

Lars Meijs
Project Title: Air cargo OD demand estimation algorithm based on high-level incomplete data

Dr. O.A. Sharpanskykh

Bart Meijer
Project Title: Agent-based Airport Security Risk Assessment

Jeroen Siebers
Project Title: Agent-based Airport Surface Traffic Planning Under Uncertainty

Joshua Huibers
Project Title: Real-time medium-term prediction of risks of vessel collision

Mannat Kaur
Project Title: Modeling and analysis of coordination mechanisms in ATM accident scenarios

Arjan van den Berg
Project Title: Agent-based threat indintification for airport security

Timo Noortman
Project Title: Agent-based modelling of Airport’s ground surface movement performance

H. Udluft

J.K. (Jacqueline) Chindea
Project Title: Evaluation of the CATS model for Aviation Policy Decision Making

Dr. ir. W.J.C. Verhagen

Gil de Backer
Project title: Process optimization at KLM E&M Component Services

Prasobh Narayanan
Project Title: H.G. Visser

E.M. (Eelco) Ras
Project Title: Modeling an Operations Concept for Commercial Air-to-air Refueling

Frederik Bruggemans
Project Title: Tanker Assignment Optimization in Commercial Air-to-Air Refueling Operations

Mihai Gurau
Project Title:

W. Zhao

S. (Sheng) Li
Project Title: Airline schedule planning considering interactions with airport constraints