Master Track ATO

ATO coordinates one MSc profile within the Aerospace Engineering Faculty, entitled: Air Transport and Operations. The MSc profile is built up from three specific themes including Flight Operations, Air Transport Safety and Airline Operations. The Flight Operations focuses on aircraft-centric flight planning and trajectory optimization. The Airline Operations expands this to an airline implementation at a fleet and network level. The Air Transport Safety considers the safety risk analysis of both flight and airline operations in the ATM context. The table below details the courses associated with each of these themes, including both those from the profile core and the electives. Students are advised to follow one main theme with a view to doing their thesis work in that area.

The MSc program is specifically formulated to have first a taught component with both mandatory and elective elements in the first year, and in the second an internship of 3 months followed by a substantial research thesis project 9 months in conjunction with the compulsory literature review. Find the master courses here.

Further detailed information on the ATO MSc courses offered can be accessed through the study guide or by getting in touch with the Profile coördinator dr. ir. Sander Hartjes.