The OJF is for university standards an impressive facility that is situated in a large room with a width of 13 meters and a height of 8 meters. The flow in the OJF is driven by a large fan that is propulsed by a 500KW electric engine. The maximum velocity in the test section is about 35 m/s. After the large fan, the flow passes a long diffusor and it is guided by two rows of corner vanes such that it is rotated by 180 degrees. The flow enters a second, short diffusor, in which a wire mesh prevents flow separation. In the settling chamber, the flow passes several dense wire meshes that reduce velocity deviations and turbulence in the flow. Via a contraction a smooth flow is then blown into the open test section. At the end of the test section, the flow is cooled by an enormous 350KW radiator system to compensate for the added heat in the flow. Finally, before entering the fan, the flow is redirected 180 degrees again by two rows of corner vanes.


Typical research topics

  • Research on smart rotor blade controls for wind turbine by using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
  • Investigation of the fluid-structure interaction for a plunging/pitching finite wing
  • Wind turbine blade root section flow investigation to assess possible options to increase the power output
  • Experiments to assess the design of a wind-proof tent

Schematic of Open Jet Facility


A brochure with more information about the Open Jet Facility can be found here.


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