The W-tunnel is an open jet wind tunnel with a square 0.4m x 0.4m exit. The maximum velocity is about 35m/s and can be regulated by setting the revolutions per minute of the centrifugal fan. Depending on the flow velocity, the minimum achievable turbulence level can be in the order of 0.5%.

The tunnel setup is very simple: after the plenum and the centrifugal fan the flow passes through a diffuser. The flow than enters the settling chamber, after which it enters the contraction, a small tunnel nozzle and the tunnel exit. In case particles are added to the flow an external ventilation system can be used to filter the added particles out of the air.


Typical research topics

  • Research on static and moving (galloping) 2D cylinder of various shapes
  • Flow over delta-wings
  • Research on flow over cavities
  • Flow control of separation on flap-type models
  • Investigation of artificial transition in flat plate flow
  • Education: measurement of lateral stability on streamlined bodies of revolution


High Speed Lab